Dreams into Reality


Gabrielle Adkins

Gabrielle Adkins is the founder and executive producer at L2G.  She is a Southern military brat whose love of performing arts started with dance and music. After graduating from American University she moved to New York City where she attended the Atlantic Acting School. She is an actor, director, singer, and dancer. 


Mahima Saigal

Mahima Saigal is the cofounder and marketing manager at L2G.  She is an actress, writer and choreographer from New Delhi, India. She came to New York in 2013 to study at the Atlantic Acting School.


Ehsan Ali

Ehsan Ali is a writer and partner at L2G, assisting in business-side operations and scripting and pre-production.  He’s a small-town Pennsylvanian, graduate of Columbia law and practicing New York lawyer.